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The Wetlands of Jablonné are, in terms of nature, one of the valuable places revitalized by NGO Čmelák since 2005. Čmelák transformed a neglected land filled with illegal landfills into a scenic place, where many endangered plants and animals found their home. Also, the Wetlands are a favourite place for recreation and rest. Among other things, you will today find eight ponds, wood walkways, educational signs, etc.

The Wetlands of Jablonné are a unique model example of good practice.

Bumblebee – Friends of Nature (Čmelák – Společnost přátel přírody

The society of Čmelák – Společnost přátel přírody (Bumblebee – Friends of Nature) was founded in 1994 by 6 founders as a reaction to deteriorated conditions of Northern Bohemian forests. Currently, we are the largest environmental organization in the Northern Bohemia. Our core mission is to non-violently promote a sustainable lifestyle and to create a harmonic human-nature relationship by creating an own example in specific natural locations.

Our first goal was to recover natural forests in the region; among the first activities, more than 20 years ago, was mapping, seed collection and cultivation of original rare and endangered tree species seedlings in our own tree nurseries (including specially protected). During the time of our existence, more than 400,000 seedlings of deciduous trees and firs were planted, primarily to forests in the region.

One of our main initial activities is a practical protection of nature with specific outputs observable in the field. We completed many revitalization projects on various types of biotopes. Most of these projects took place on the lands of our Land Trust, which is, in terms of owned land, the largest in the Czech Republic. Currently, we own and manage 124 acres of forest land, 30 acres of meadow, wetland and aquatic land in 20 locations.

Among successful examples of transformation of land with low eco-value to natural and, from biologic perspective, varied environments are “Nový prales (the New Virgin Forest)” on the Ještěd ridge and “Mokřady Jablonné (the Wetlands of Jablonné)” in Jablonné v Podještědí. Since 2004, we turned tens of acres of the New Virgin Forest's spruce monocultures into mixed, near-natural vegetation. In the Wetlands of Jablonné, we transformed neglected and landfills-littered waterlogged land to a valuable area, from perspective of both, recreation and ecology, featuring measures to support biodiversity, and, at the same time, offer a high-quality infrastructure for visitors.

From the very beginning of our operations, we actively involve the general public in the activities. We are very experienced in this field: we hold excursions for the general public, organise volunteer events for partner organizations, workcamps and weekend events for Czech and foreign volunteers and various forms of team building activities for volunteers. The volunteer evens and excursions are interconnected with various forms of eco-education. During the 22 years of our activities, more than 15 000 friends of nature attended the excursions in the natural locations and participated on voluntary works in the field.


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